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The Junior Academy adopts a game based approach to learning. The games are created with the ability and experience of the juniors in mind. The difficulty of the game is adjusted through a computer games approach by levelling up and down to ensure that it is appropriate for each individual junior.

This style has numerous benefits such as:


Creative in finding solutions (within boundaries)

High levels of enjoyment and engagement

Promotes resilience  

Increased self-belief

Increased confidence

Fun and enjoyment are at the forefront of every session but fun is a complex subject, what’s fun for one isn’t for another. The juniors are the determining factor of what fun is, the sessions are very much a collaboration between myself and them to ensure they achieve the aimed learning outcome in a fun way… learning and fun doesn’t need to be separate.

I have been trusted by over 16 schools to help them with both PE curriculum lessons and before/after school club golf sessions.

Tri-Golf is a mini version of golf designed for Primary children by the Golf Foundation, (a charitable organisation established to promote the game of golf). The aim of Tri-Golf is to introduce the basic skills of golf and Fundamental Movement Skills, in an enjoyable, safe environment but also encourages responsible, social behaviour because of the good sportsmanship that Golf promotes.

Tri-Golf uses youngster friendly equipment, including chippers, oversized club heads, putters, foam balls and pop-up targets. The sessions will utilise a games-based approach requiring the children to solve tasks whilst learning the key skills of golf.

This approach has many advantages including:

An effective way of learning motor skills

High engagement in the learning process

Encourages greater flexibility and variability in movements

Promotes adaptions across various conditions

Promotes feelings of competency

Encourages the children to think for themselves


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