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I have been working with Ben for a few years, and my handicap has dropped from high teens to single figures! I love technical info, and his knowledge and experience combined with the ability to use Trackman technology has really benefited my learning.

Always on hand for a chat to keep me on track.


Ben coached two of my sons from the ages of 6 and 4 - both played for Sussex Boys in every age group up to 18 and became scratch golfers. The youngest, Joe, played for England Boys and is now on a golf scholarship in a Division 1 University in the USA and still has coaching from Ben. It is true to say that Ben made the difference and continues to do so.


Ben is a superb coach, he combines great technical competence with a real understanding of each of his pupils. He continually seeks to improve his own ability in order to help his pupils to achieve their true potential. In addition he is a truly nice guy who really cares. 


I have been taught by Ben Knight for some years. He has hugely improved all aspects of my golf, both physically and mentally.

The lessons are always so constructive and last season alone as seen a three shot improvement in my handicap. I am 64 and his teaching is as relevant now as when I started with him.  

Ben also helped to guide me through my level I golf instructor certificate some years ago and I spent time assisting him with his youth academy. He is wonderful with young people  of all ages, I have seen his students grow from little things smashing the ball for fun, to fully grown golfers traveling off to study in America. All of them ready for the experience.  

Ben has that magical ability to deal with golfers of all ages and levels with ease.
Most importantly, Ben stays in touch with what is going on in the wider teaching world, keeping his knowledge and ability fresh and up to date, upgrading his skills. He enjoys using new technology but he is able to use that technology along side his well honed years practical teaching experience.  


Ben has been teaching our son since he was a complete beginner. Lessons have always been fun, structured and engaging. Over time developing a holistic understanding of the core skills needed to play golf, including a good understanding of the rules of golf. Our sons golf and love of the game has really developed over the years, he enjoys playing with his mates, practice as well as the more serious side in competitive golf whilst not forgetting to enjoy himself. He has a super looking ‘textbook’ swing as well as a solid understanding of the more subtle techniques needed in the short game and putting. Today our son is playing off of 12, rapidly improving and proudly representing Sussex.


I’ve been working with Ben for a while now, my goal was to keep my game in good shape and to offset through better technique some of the inevitable performance decreases that happen as I get older. Using swing analysis data, clear concise and easy to digest feedback Ben quickly established key areas to focus and improve upon. Developing structured, realistic drills (I’m never going to swing it like Tiger) and with the the excellent post lesson videos to review, I’m not just maintaining the distance and consistency I was looking for but have rapidly improved both. Planning to keep my single figure handicap for quite a few years to come!


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