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1:1 Coaching is the backbone of what I do.

During our time together we will decide what areas of your game need attention and work on the changes that you feel you need.

I use Trackman radar analysis as well as using video analysis to show you what is happening, how to put it right and also what the correct feelings are. As part of what I offer, you will receive a copy of your video that includes my views on the main points of the coaching session. You can then use this to continue working on the feedback correctly as you practice further.

Improving ball striking by reducing sway

Increasing club head speed and distance by a longer hand path.

It’s not just the long game that can be worked on during 1:1 lessons, all aspects can be covered including the short game and spending time on the golf course.

Improving distance control through reducing head movement and a more compact stroke.

Checking the technical changes transfer to the golf course is hugely important.

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